19/02966/FUL    11-25 Leatherhead Road, Chessington: Demolition & redevelopment with 56 flats.

We appreciate that there have been some revisions to this Application but nevertheless we object to these proposals.

They are completely out of character with the surrounding neighbourhood which is predominantly 2 storeys in height & suburban. The steeply pitched elevations facing Leatherhead Rd. are significantly higher [1.5 storeys] & are unsympathetic to the houses on either side of the road. The contemporary elevational  treatment in the whole scheme is uninteresting & very bland.

The central largely paved area does not make up for the serious deficit in providing a quality soft landscaping scheme which could be used by the new families who would occupy the new units. The high density achieved across the whole site is only possible by putting the cars underground. Finally we object the fact that due to the high costs incurred in the acquisition of the land & other factors in the Viability Report , the applicants are unable to deliver any affordable or social housing whatsoever, which is in direct contravention of both the Council’s policy framework, & that of the GLA /Mayor’s Office which demand a minimum of 35-50% . Link to planning application here

On this basis alone this scheme should be refused by the Council.  

Last Updated on February 29, 2020 by Kingston Society