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20 November 2013 – Tony Leitch Townscape Awards 2013

These awards were initiated by the late Tony Leitch and are named in his memory. They are awarded biennially to buildings or related projects completed in the previous two years that, in our view, have made a significant contribution to the townscape of the Royal Borough.

They can be for schemes large or small and in the past they have been awarded to schemes as diverse as: the Sir William Rous Wing at Kingston Hospital, new railings St Andrew’s Square, an extension at Tiffin School and a tram substation conversion in London Road.

Six projects have been selected for this year’s awards and they will be presented at the meeting. You can be sure of an interesting evening. All present will be given a complimentary glass of wine at the end of the proceedings!

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February 2012, Future Of The Market Place

At the Society’s February meeting, Urban Designer Ricardo Bobisse and Architect Mike Tonkin described how, after being selected from 44 other teams, they were commissioned to prepare proposals for the upgrading and improvements to the Kingston Market area. The budgeted cost was set at two million pounds. They concentrated in this presentation on the Market Place itself.

The main recommendations were to change the function of the Market House, and to prevent it from being surrounded by market rubbish. In so doing the stalls needed to be repositioned and redesigned to house rubbish.

At present the Town’s Information Bureauis housed on the ground floor of the Market House, but it will in future be in the proposed extension to All Saints Church. The first floor is available for meetings and functions, but is not easily accessible, particularly by the disabled. It is underused.

The proposal, subject to the re-siting of the Information Bureau, is to convert some of the ground floor glass windows to glass doors to allow a free flow through. This floor should house stalls probably selling food products. The upper floor should house a cookery school with associated restaurant and lift. This has been tried successfully elsewhere.

There are not so many market stalls as in the past and they are bunched around the Market House. It is proposed to free access to the sides of the market House by providing a new layout of stalls. Possibly the stalls should be redesigned probably in wood. Provision would be made for storing refuse, including packaging within the stalls themselves.collected periodically during the day and taken to a compactor.

The remaining space would be available for al fresco functions, possibly musical presentations. The present varied paving types to be replaced probably with clay brick paviors arranged in patterns. the present unacceptable remoteness of the river from the Market Place would be improved by making the existing alleyways more attractive, with look out points over the river at the end.

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