Unsurprisingly, the huge potential profits from redeveloping the Tolworth Towers site has resulted  in another attempt to gain planning permission.

(Long story and getting longer…) Healey Development Solutions appealed the decision by RBK who refused their scheme for two additional towers. In the appeal decision, rejecting the appeal, the Inspectorate said: “The Council asserts that the design of T2 and T3 makes no attempt to match the interesting, striking and beautiful design features of Tolworth Tower. My attention has been drawn most notably to the prominent ‘A’ shaped structural pilotis which, in my view, do indeed form very striking and beautiful features which dominate the eastern and western elevations of the existing building…  As a result the proposal would not maintain a strong sense of place. Therefore, having considered the architectural and planning evidence on design related matters, I do not consider that the design of T2 and T3 would represent a beautiful development as required by the Framework. “It goes on to say  “I have concluded that the proposal would result in significant loss of employment floorspace provision and that a lack of robust evidence exists on whether it would be feasible for Tolworth Tower, or parts of it, to be re-used for lower cost and affordable workspaces and/or small office unit use.”

After the very clear refusal of the developers appeal they are back with a revised scheme. They say: “Meadow Partners are running another consultation on the revised plans for Tolworth Tower. The plans have been amended in response to feedback from the National Planning Inspector following the appeal decision. The Inspectors comments gave a clear direction on how to make these plans acceptable. The team is now ready to present these changes to the public ahead of submitting a planning application.” 

The developers have created a consultation website here. The consultation will take place across a two-week period from Tuesday 13th September until Tuesday 27th September.  We will update the website when we have more information. A quick view leads us to wonder if anyone can spot the difference between the first (rejected) scheme and the second. If the architects believe the two new towers better respond to the original tower they are very mistaken.

Meadow Partners (From their website Meadow Partners says it “is a vertically integrated private real estate investment firm based in New York City and London.  We specialize in middle-market transactions in a few of the largest, most liquid real estate markets in the world. Our executive team averages over 20 years of investment experience and has a proven track record of successful institutional investment management globally.  Our business model was designed to singularly focus on investment performance rather than asset accumulation.”)

The developers consultation website says:

The Inspector’s comments gave a clear direction on how to make these plans acceptable. The team is now ready to present these changes to the public ahead of submitting a planning application.

Shown below the former and revised schemes. The architects say they have taken inspiration from the original Richard Seifert’s  original in particular the ‘A’ shaped structural pilotis. Really?

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