Berrylands Nature Reserve

Elliot Newton will give us new and interesting insights into this precious green space within our borough.

Nestled away in the heart of Berrylands lies a once forgotten nature reserve! However this once neglected site is now becoming not only a wonderful haven for an array of wildlife but also a fantastic place in which the community can enjoy and reconnect with the natural world. A world that surrounds us but is seldom recognised.

This five-hectare site has a mosaic of different habitat types, including a woodland full of oaks, hazels and blackthorn trees, and the meandering Surbiton Stream which flows through the site with kingfishers and herons regularly flying overhead in search of unsuspecting sticklebacks. The newly dug wildlife pond, planted with native aquatic plants such as marsh marigolds and purple loosestrife, is already a fantastic place to sit and watch dragonflies such as broad bodied chasers and common darters patrolling on hot summer days.

We hope that you will  visit and explore the nature reserve itself, appreciating the incredible species that can be found so close to our doorsteps and immersing yourself in a world that is removed from the stresses and strains of daily life. Spaces like this are not only important refuges for species such as hedgehogs, bats and stag beetles, but visiting these spaces has been scientifically proven to profoundly benefit our own physical and mental wellbeing while also fostering a greater sense of community cohesion and belonging.

Volunteering and community engagement is pivotal to the success of improving and maintaining this wildlife haven, ensuring it remains cared for into the far reaching future for further generations to enjoy. So please do get involved by signing up for our emails, joining our Friends of Group and get down to explore the nature reserve when you can!

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Last Updated on October 29, 2019 by Kingston Society