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In June 1963, Kingston published a ‘master design’ with a ring road threatening to sever the town from the riverside. At this time our Society was formed and fought a long and hard battle against the ring road, putting forward our own scheme, including a detailed model. By 1979 some 16 years later the present road arrangement was finally agreed as a kind of best-we-could-do compromise.

Today’s very real threat is the Kingston Arc of Towers. A multitude of tall buildings, double or triple the height of anything currently, bearing down on our town center with immense and irreparable harm to our historic and medieval settings. ‘Manhatannising’ historic Kingston beyond recognition. This is not borne from a ‘master design’, but it is against Plan, by developers in what looks to be a free-for-all. They have an increasing awareness of our Local Authorities’ apparent ‘flexible approach’ to applying Planning Law. Key to this is the proposed 22 storey residential tower of “Eden Campus” which the County Hall developers now take as precedent, well before its Planning Application was even submitted let alone approved!

Much is at stake here. The Eden Campus Residential Tower would become a clear precedent and the Arc of Towers will be unstoppable. Decided schemes such as the Old Post Office and Eden Walk could be back asking for more floors. This is about upholding the rule of law. Evenhandedly applying all of our Policies, Plans, Directives and Documents that make up our Planning System. One rule for all, not a free-for-all.

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