London Plan

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London Plan We are opposed the designation of the Borough as an “Opportunity Area” The Society has consistently opposed the designation of the Borough as an “Opportunity Area”. We opposed this in our response to the Kingston Direction of Travel sent to RBK on 27th [...]

Kingston Riverside SPD, Kingston

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Kingston Riverside SPD, Kingston March 2018: Consultation on the SPD for Kingston Riverside. Council documents here Here follows our feedback on the Draft SPD for Kingston Riverside, on behalf of the Kingston upon Thames Society. 1. Canbury Gardens An excessive amount of fishing platforms is [...]

Tolworth Area Plan 2017

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Tolworth Area Plan "The Tolworth Area Plan sets out a future vision for Tolworth to help inspire new development and initiatives capable of delivering physical, social and economic improvements. The document will therefore help to focus discussions around the form and type of future development, promoting coherence and consistency between [...]

Cock’s Crescent SPD 2016 (Adopted)

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 Cock’s Crescent SPD 2016 (Adopted) This Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) guide to the redevelopment of the Cocks Crescent site in New Malden would carry material weight for consideration as part of decision making in the development management process.  The goal of the SPD is to achieve comprehensive regeneration of [...]

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