Change of developer revealed for the semi-derelict former Regal Cinema

Interior 1984 with view of bingo tables and slot machines: Image Kingston Regal Arts

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Kingston Society has been approached by former council leader, and leader of the opposition, Kevin Davies in his professional capacity regarding the future of the listed Regal Cinema.

In letters to the Society Mr Davies wrote:

As you may be aware there have been some recent changes to the external scaffolding outside the former Regal cinema. I am writing because the management of the building and the development of a planning application for the site has now changed.
I would really appreciate it if we could meet with you to explain what is happening because … we are keen that the community leadership for the area are fully aware of what is emerging as a scheme. We would also like to work with you to develop ideas on what the building could be used for in the future.
CNM are no longer connected to the building and they therefore do not have any new partners. Jericho (Estates) has no connectiom to CNM. The building was not owned by CNM, they were managing it on behalf of an investment company. I don’t know the details of what has happened in relation to CNM.
As you may be aware the building is not in a good condition and so the ongoing management of the building is being undertaken by iKew services and they are a party with Jericho Estates to what will be a new planning application. The scaffolding coming down was undertaken by iKew services and we are currently undergoing an appraisal of the condition of the retained heritage aspects so we know what immediate remedial action we will need to undertake.
We are also starting the work to understand what options we have for future use of the building and setting out the timelime a new planning application later this year.
We hope to meet with Mr Davis and the owners / developers in the near future. As far as we can discover Jericho Estates is co-owned by Kevin Davis and Cameron Davis, his son who was, until June 2021, a development manger for CNM. Let’s hope, that unlike the song “Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho”, the walls don’t come ‘tumblin’ down.’

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