The Care Concern Group are consulting on their proposals for a 120 resident care home with a dedicated ‘Dementia suite’. (Link here)

The site is located on the east side of Hampden Road, south of the junction with Bonner Hill Road. The site has been vacant since May 2018 when Arrow Plastics ceased occupation of the site. At the moment, there are a range of old and new residential dwellings in the area.

Care home say:

Care Concern Group’s care homes offer a full range of services, including residential, respite, nursing and dementia care. Our care homes are for local people, with residents often moving in from a maximum radius of three to five miles away. This is very much a care home in Kingston, forKingston residents.Care Concern Group’s vision for the site is for a care home that hosts a mixture of residential accommodation, communal amenity spaces, staff facilities, offices and ancillary areas such as stores.

With the majority of the ground floor allocated to communal spaces and activities, the upper floors would be used for residential suites with a secure ‘dementia community’.

Communal Lounges

Residents are encouraged to engage with one another and with the staff, the communal spaces will host a wide range of regular activities so that it becomes a vibrant and familiar environment.


Care Concern Group’s plans will deliver new gardens between the existing homes and our proposed care home. This means that there will be a significant increase in the distances between neighbouring residential buildings on the western side of the road and our proposed care home.

Access To Green Spaces

The proposals include the creation of a new green link to the neighbouring playing fields, as well as landscaped areas within the development for residents to experience and enjoy. This is vital for residents’ mental wellbeing and important to ground the building within the local environment, helping to contribute to the local biodiversity, residential amenity space and the general streetscape.

The consultation website and feedback form is here.

The project team will also be hosting an online webinar about the proposals at 6:30pm on 6 June 2022. Following a brief presentation by the project team about the proposals, they will open the floor to questions from attendees. To sign up to the webinar, simply email them at 65HampdenRoad@kandaconsulting.co.uk.

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