Wednesday 20th April 2022 7.30pm

Kingston Society is looking forward to welcoming Kay Garmeson from the residents’ group Ealing Matters. This is a borough-wide alliance of more than 60 residents’ associations and community groups. Their aims are to raise awareness of how Ealing is changing and to help local people shape these changes and enhance their quality of life. Their remit is to respond to a range of issues that are common to groups from across the borough, notably over-development, the loss of heritage assets and the unresponsiveness of Ealing Council to the concerns of local residents. (Where have we heard that before?) Here is a link to their presentation.

To be clear they are not doing an Ealing version of the Kingston Society, but by acting as a central resource Ealing Matters provides the groups and associations that support it with:

  1. a channel through which they can publicise new Government, GLA and LBE policies and proposals that affect them,

  2. a platform on which they can air views and concerns about changes and developments taking place in the borough,

  3. an information resource which they can use to help shape these changes, and

  4. a network for groups to support one another in their campaigns and activities

As we enjoy the celebrations of our diamond anniversary year it is timely that we on the committee consider the goals and strategies that might be necessary if the Society is to endure. In early May we are meeting to have a broad based discussion that we hope will enable us to present to the wider Society some initial ideas, but more importantly gather your ideas. More news on this very important topic to come.

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