In a bitter blow the Mayor has decided not to intervene and call in the Eden ‘Campus’ application

The summary report from the Mayor’s office is reproduced below and is available here along with the main document

Strategic issues summary 

Land use principle: The principle of a high density, mixed-use development in the town centre and opportunity area is supported. 

Housing: 35% affordable housing by habitable room with a tenure mix which includes Social Rent and Shared Ownership products represents a significant improvement since Stage 1. An early stage review has been secured. The proposed scheme is eligible for the Fast Track Route. 

Urban design and heritage: The proposed layout and public realm improvements are supported. The tall buildings are not in a location specifically identified as suitable for tall buildings. However, the development raise no strategic concerns in terms of impacts as set out in London Plan Policy D9(C). Given this and the need to intensify development on well-connected sites in Policies H1 and D3, and the significant public benefits of the proposals, on balance the non-compliance with London Plan Policy D9(B) does not on its own warrant a direction to refuse. There would be less than substantial harm to multiple heritage assets, which would be outweighed by the public benefits in terms of economic development, affordable housing provision and public realm improvements. 

Transport: The development would reprovide 354 car parking spaces which significantly exceed the requirements of the London Plan. However, mitigation measures have been secured including a travel plan to reduce reliance on travel by car and a shift towards more sustainable modes of transport. The proposed cycle parking for both office and residential elements complies with the London Plan standards. A travel plan, parking management plan, delivery and servicing plan, construction management plan, electric charging points, restrictions on parking permits and membership to a car club have been secured. Whilst the car parking level is contrary to London Plan Policies T1 and T6, on balance the transport issues have been satisfactorily addressed. It should also be noted that the excessive level of car parking should not set a precedent for future schemes in the town centre and opportunity area. 

Outstanding issues in relation to circular economy, energy strategy, urban greening, flood risk, air quality and biodiversity have been resolved. 

The Council’s decision 

In this instance Kingston upon Thames Council has resolved to grant permission subject to planning conditions and conclusion of a Section 106 legal agreements. 


That Kingston upon Thames Council be advised that the Mayor is content for the Council to determine the cases itself, subject to any action that the Secretary of State may take, and does not therefore wish to direct refusal, or direct that he is to be the local planning authority. 

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