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Your Vision Our Future – A Plan for Kingston Town Centre Area

RBK is continuing its consultation about the future of the Town Centre that began last year. Their engagement portal says “Consultation on the draft vision Your Vision Our Future has been shaped through wide engagement with Kingston’s communities, in a series of workshops, meetings and drop-in sessions during 2022. While many voices have created it, it is still a draft document, which we welcome your feedback on. We want to understand what everyone values and needs from the town centre. We want to make positive changes, in partnership with others, to secure real benefits from the new developments. This will make sure Kingston remains a place where people choose to live, work, study and visit.”

A phased approach: The draft document, Your Vision Our Future, is the first of three documents that will make up the plan for the town centre.

This vision is the outcome of a collective process that has successfully brought together individuals, organisations, decision makers, business leaders, councillors and council officers. Further feedback on this draft will create a shared vision and strategy for the town centre.

The second document will be a planning framework which will demonstrate how planning policies will apply in the town centre and surrounding area and guide investment over the next 10 years. It will also provide design guidance for all major developments coming forward in and around Kingston town centre, defining the key social, economic, environmental and transport infrastructure which we think will be required to support any new development coming forward.

The third part is the delivery plan, which will identify and prioritise new public realm, enhanced cultural offer, open space, walking and cycling, highways, infrastructure and environmental projects which have been identified in the planning framework, how they will be funded and which organisations will lead them.

Kingston Council will be working collaboratively with strategic partners such as the GLA, TfL, Network Rail, Historic England and the Environment Agency on this emerging plan for the town centre. By working together we can give greater certainty to investors and developers during the planning process.

You can find the portal page here and the link to the draft statement here. The draft contains four ‘Ambitions’ each with three key aims, and supported by a total of 33 vision objectives that explain how the ambitions will be achieved. The plan is to bring together the ambitions, aims and objectives by proposing six big ideas that capture how they intend to achieve the vision:

The ‘Six big ideas’ :

  1. Riversides – Connect our riverfronts and make them more lively, active and easy to access and explore.
  2. Culture and Heritage – Celebrate, connect, enhance and promote our cherished built and cultural heritage, landmarks and special places.
  3. Public Realm – Enhance the look and feel of the streets and places we use every day.
  4. Use and Character – Cluster, consolidate and integrate different uses and activities to create vibrant and distinctive quarters.
  5. Transport – Improve our major transport corridors and the ring road to be better for pedestrians and cyclists, greener, and healthier. Reduce vehicle movements in the town centre.
  6. Sustainability – Make Kingston a greener and more accessible town centre with increased biodiversity and natural habitats, low carbon infrastructures and improved flood and extreme temperature resilience.

This area-based guidance is known as Supplementary Planning Guidance, and will sit alongside the borough’s new Local Plan.

The Society will be responding in due course. Tava Walton from the planning department will present their ideas at our public meeting 19th April.

This meeting will be live-streamed details here

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