Creating a plan for the Kingston town centre area

The town centre area in Kingston is facing a once in a generation opportunity.

Kingston Council is working with key partners including Kingston First to create a 10-year plan for the Kingston town centre area, which will include a vision for how we all want the town centre to develop and change.

To ensure the plan is community-led, deliverable and owned by all, RBK say they are following the new National Model Design Code national best practice design process, engaging with all Kingston’s communities. More information on the Let’s Talk portal here

In 2022 the council set up a Citizens’ Panel, which they claim was representative of the demographic make-up of the borough. This brought together 40 people to discuss the issues and together create their vision for the future of the town centre area. Many of the KS committee applied but none were chosen.

RBK are now talking to more people including residents, workers, visitors, community groups, businesses, landowners and developers, to make sure there is wide local input into the vision. We hope the vision meaningfully includes feedback and genuinely responds to community wishes.

At a recent presentation to the Society Tava Walton presented a rather high level (meaning vague!) vision of the Town Centre Plan that said “A prospectus which sets future direction, identifies the scale of transformation and development pipeline AND brings together the multiple strands of engagement into oner clear narrative.” and a Framework which provides “A development plan document supplementary to Local Plan which provides guidance on key development parameters and delivers greater certainty in consultation with key stakeholders.” and a Delivery Plan to “Establish governance structure to enable funding and delivery of public sector projects in a multi agency environment in partnership with key stakeholders”

The draft vision will be published in early 2023 for comments. Next year work will start on a planning framework which will set out clear design guidance to steer future development in the area, so that it delivers our vision. Meanwhile you can have your say here

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Last Updated on November 21, 2022 by Kingston Society