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Planning Applications: Major Schemes

We are trying to get the best designs and outcomes from the real plethora of new developments that are facing residents. Lately most of them are predicated on the alleged increase in the population of Greater London in the next 15 years (for Kingston this will mean around 30% more residents than now) and the suggested building of Crossrail 2, again in the next 15/20 years’ time which will affect virtually all the stations and forever change the face of this Borough.

There are a few major planning consultations and applications that need a detailed review before we can submit our comments. The details vary each time but the sorts of things that we do to form our view are attend public exhibitions and meet with the developers. We also try to get input from our members and the public though the timescales for consultation do not give us as much time for this as we would like.

See also : Minor Schemes & Other Consultations

This is a summary of our position on the following current and recent major consultations and applications:

Kindly contact the editor if you see any errors or omissions: 

Current planning applications:

Larger schemes currently awaiting planning decisions (updated weekly)

Source: RBK, curated by Kingston CAACs

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