22/01923/FUL | Demolition of existing buildings and erection of six residential units and two office units , measuring 140 sqm and 125 sqm respectively, together with the associated decontamination of the site, access, car parking and landscaping. | 34 Portsmouth Road Kingston Upon Thames KT1 2BF (planning documents here)

Quad 400 Limited, using their own architect have submitted plans for the car wash site facing the river in Portsmouth Road. (Design and Access statement here)

From street level the dwellings will appear to be single storey but will have a basement level floor with outside amenity space. Previous failed applications for this site mean it is necessary to maintain the existing sight lines for the apartment building behind the car wash business. The new houses propose a green roof so that from Home Park Court the view is on to a ‘garden’.

(The following from the DAS)

The site is currently occupied by various businesses including a hand car wash, car sales office, a yoga studio and a café. These operations naturally require a substantial flow of vehicle movements as outlined in the accompanying Transport Strategy document The commercial buildings which exist on site are of poor quality construction and detract from the conservation area streetscape

The previous use of the site as a petrol station is likely to indicate that the land is contaminated A comprehensive redevelopment, such as that proposed, will serve to decontaminate the land and thus eliminate the potential for contaminants reaching underground water courses or the River

There is very little in the way of bio diversity currently present on the site, but those trees and landscaped areas that do exist will be retained as much as possible and further enhanced with new landscaped areas as indicated on the drawings

The proposed building is conceived as a single storey terrace (above ground level) of unassuming proportions with a green roof that will appear as garden area from the flats at 1 18 Home Park Walk

The proposed new massing is not significantly different from that that currently exists with the existing commercial units on site It is also in keeping with the character of the streetscape that features buildings set back as far as possible from Portsmouth Road with private landscaped communal areas acting as a barrier to the street

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