Tolworth Court Farm – Kingstons biodiversity hot-spot and perhaps our least known open space

Wednesday 15th May 7.30pm at the Judge lecture Hall, Tiffins School. Elliot Newton – KOT’s charming and enthusiastic Bio-diversity Officer will explain his important work and concerns about the borough’s eco-health as found on Tolworth Court Farm.

As a London borough, Kingston is lucky to have lots of green spaces – including Tolworth Court Farm and the Hogsmill River, which is an internationally rare chalk stream.

Over two thousand species call Kingston home. Although we have taken great steps to preserve our local environment — planting 2,555 trees since June 2019, and working hard to enhance the value of our green spaces such as parks and nature reserves, we still need to do more to protect it.

In response to this, during last year’s Sustainable September, the Biodiversity Action Plan, was launched which outlines the priority habitats and species in Kingston that require targeted conservation efforts. This will be achieved through eight Habitat Action Plans and Species Action Plans, each tailored to Kingston’s ecological context. These plans cover a range of diverse habitats such as woodlands, grasslands, and rivers, and address species ranging from swifts and hedgehogs to stag beetles.

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