The Kingston Society’s Golden Jubilee: a history of the first sixty years

You are warmly invited to join us for a preview of the public exhibition that will open on 29th October at All Saints Church. We will be presenting 6 exhibition panels that tells the story of the Kingston Society and it’s work for the community. Join us for a celebratory glass (or two) or wine and even a salty snack. If there are any speeches, they will be short – and that’s a promise.

Sixty years ago Kingston faced an important decision. Traffic was beginning to be a problem and a relief road was planned to carry the ever increasing traffic. The problem was that the plan would have placed the road where now we have our riverside restaurants clustered by Kingston Bridge. A young group of architects banded together to form a group to make counter-proposals for this potential harm. They succeeded.

And at every step of the way since 1962 the Society has been on hand to scrutinise, to comment, to cajole, to criticise, to commend, to nudge, to wheedle – always on behalf of the community which for 60 years has supported it and to which it has given a voice. There is nothing at all to suggest the Society’s work is done.

Any idea that Kingston is still the ‘Ancient Market’ town of the entry sign posts is no longer credible. Soon proposals will appear for the Cattle Market and probably when the Council rationalises its own property portfolio for the Guild Hall 2 site. The fight for the Society now is for high quality design, sustainable and appropriate architecture. It’s a very hard struggle. So please, if you care about the Borough and how it shows its face to the world, join the Society, come to its public meetings, and become a participant rather than a bystander in Kingston’s future. LETS’ MAKE A KINGSTON SOCIETY FOR THE NEXT 60 YEARS.

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Last Updated on October 16, 2022 by Kingston Society