Kingfisher – What is next for our swimming pool?
(livestream this presentation here)

On June 20th at the Council’s Place Committee meeting they will present the outline proposals for the new leisure centre. These are online now, somewhat buried in a very long multi-item document (here, then scroll to Appendix A: A1-A19).

This announcement will form the backdrop for our next public meeting on Wednesday 21st June 7:00pm for 7:30pm at Tiffins School, where our guest speaker will be Steven Coates: will ask: Kingfisher – What is next for our swimming pool? and present his summary of the council scheme and his own ideas.

Steven is a practising architect who believes that the council’s approach to the design of a new leisure centre has been self limiting and has come up with a new design approach. His ideas show how the scheme could be made to be cost neutral rather than costing many millions of pounds of taxpayers money. In hosting this meeting, our intention is not to endorse his ideas, but to demonstrate to the council that alternative approaches to design are worth considering. We are open to engaging in a constructive debate with Council as we believe there may be different perspectives that deserve exploration. It is of great concern that at no point since the cancellation of the original scheme has the Council returned to the community to seeks its views.

It will be of great interest to hear one Society member’s personal views on the way ahead.

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