Riverside Residents Association (RRA) presents an update on the disastrous proposals for the future of Surrey County Hall

Surrey County Hall (SCH)  is one of very few Grade 2* listed assets in the Borough, and preserving and enhancing the integrity and setting of the building is very important to us and to the Borough. The new build within the site, so close to both SCH and the Town House must require architecture of the highest quality. it is simply not good enough to build for profit alone, ignoring setting and local character. Simply not good enough to propose mundane designs of overwhelming height and mass. It is simply not good enough for us, and neither is it good enough for the Royal Borough.

This is the view of Riverside Residents Association, shared by the Kingston Society, about the poorly consulted, and egregious harms to the borough’s largest, grandest historic asset proposed by developers RER and their architects Rolffe Judd. The developers have refused many requests for more realistic visuals of the proposals, instead choosing only to offer highly partial and misleading images. In  response to this RRA has produced a short film and their own versions of views and very detailed objections to this scheme. It is worth saying the neither RRA nor KS are against finding a new use for County Hall, nor replacing buildings in its curtilage that do not empathetically match SCH.

Shown below RRA’s version of how one block (and not the tallest one) will look from a garden in Woodbines Avenue. 

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Last Updated on September 9, 2022 by Kingston Society