Wednesday 18th May 2022 7.30pm
Judge Lecture Theatre, Tiffin School, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6RL

One of the by-products of our 60th Anniversary Celebrations is that we found ourselves pondering the next 60 years! And as a result of confronting ourselves with some hard truths, we are at the beginning of a long conversation and process where we want to reassess our goals, and consider what steps we need to take to get there.

This year along with new branding we published a mission statement to state the purpose of our work as: ‘Enhancing the Boroughs’ built environment, celebrating and preserving our local heritage’ If that is indeed our goal, then our strategy has to answer: how will this be achieved given our very finite resources and volunteer base?

Although we have made some inroads into thinking about this we consider your ealy input to be vital. In a very real sense the committee works for the membership and we can only do our work with your help.

To that end, at the next public meeting we invite you to come and hear our initial thoughts but more importantly tell us yours. What you want to talk about is up to you, but what we hope to hear from you is what you think about our goals and what are the challenges and opportunities as we aim to achieve them?

The meeting will take the form of a debate. After a short presentation on our thinking so far we will invite you to explore with us some possible futures.

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