Reconnecting water, people and wildlife with the natural floodplain of the Arcadian Thames

We have received an invitation from Thames Landscape Strategy Partnership. (TLS) We are told as Kingston are back in the Thames Landscape Strategy Partnership, they are keen to get back in contact and work together with the Kingston Society. Their new project is called ‘Rewilding Arcadia’. The aim for this project is to reconnect the community to local rivers and to help build flood resilience for the future through using nature-based solutions. The next 18-months includes presentations, workshops, site visits and events in the local area.

As part of the Rewilding Arcadia Roadshow, Thames Landscape Strategy’s Partnership is holding a drop-in session at Canbury Gardens to speak to local people and businesses about the project. Tuesday 14th of June for Canbury Gardens-between 10am and 12pm (weather permitting). All members of the Kingston Society are invited.

Background info: The Thames Landscape Strategy is one of three sub-regional partnerships for the Thames in the greater London area, whose focus is the remarkable river corridor between Hampton and Kew. Launched in 1994, the strategy is a 100-year blueprint for the Thames, whose vision is to conserve, enhance and promote for the future, one of the world’s great urban landscapes. To achieve its aims, the strategy brings together a partnership of statutory and non-statutory organisations, local groups and individuals to inform strategic policy and to implement a broad range of projects and management proposals. Click the image left for the PDF document of for the TLS website: Click here for more info

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Last Updated on June 15, 2022 by Kingston Society