River Thames Scheme – Statutory consultation 2024

The following is from the River Thames Scheme website

About the River Thames Scheme

The RTS is the first flood and climate mitigation project to be described as nationally significant, reflecting its scope and ambition. The RTS will reduce the risk of flooding to thousands of homes, businesses and vital infrastructure while unlocking the economic, health and environmental benefits of the river between Egham and Teddington and responding to the challenges of climate change and nature recovery.

The scheme represents a new landscape-based approach to creating healthier, more resilient, and more sustainable communities. The scheme will create new areas of green and blue open space with recreational facilities and connections to wildlife and provide sustainable travel connections to link communities together.

The scheme will include a new flood channel in two sections, passing through the boroughs of Runnymede and Spelthorne in Surrey, as well as the bed lowering of the River Thames downstream of the Desborough Cut. Additionally, there will be increases in capacity at three weirs along the Thames. Complementing this, the channel will be bordered by new expanses of public green open space, creating opportunities for recreation and engagement with nature.

New routes for pedestrians and cyclists will run along the channel and through the new public spaces, linking different elements of the scheme with communities and providing better connections within and across the area.

This consultation is a statutory consultation being carried out in accordance with the Planning Act 2008 (and associated legislation and guidance). This is an important part of the planning process for the scheme. It is your opportunity to shape the scheme before we submit our application to the Planning Inspectorate. Your feedback is important and we will use the comments and information we receive to help us to develop and refine the scheme.

Following the 2022 consultation, the scheme’s design has significantly advanced, shaped by feedback from our engagement with local communities, stakeholders, and ongoing assessments. We are now at an important stage, seeking your views on the updated design. Your input is essential to refine our proposals, and we welcome your opinions and suggestions.

Our approach to this consultation has been developed with the relevant local authorities and is set out in our Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) (6MB PDF).

To ensure that your feedback is informed, we have produced a StoryMaps website, which is a digital version of the Statutory Consultation brochure.

StoryMaps provides an easily navigable and interactive presentation of the River Thames Scheme’s proposals in a non technical way. The website goes into detail on the following aspects of the scheme:

  • The development of the scheme and what has happened since our 2022 consultation;
  • The significant milestone of the development of our landscape and green infrastructure design;
  • The scheme in detail, providing information on the channels sections,downstream improvement measures, active travel routes, habitat creation, and impact of the scheme on flood risk;
  • Our approach to materials and waste;
  • Our construction principles, including our construction programme, methods and construction management;
  • The environmental effects and how the PEIR shapes the scheme
  • Why its important to share your feedback
  • Next steps and what happens next

The RTS want to ensure you are well informed to provide feedback that will help develop and refine the scheme.

The consultation brochure, and supporting materials such as the event banners, can all be found in the RTS document library.

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