Thames Water: Draft Water Resources Management Plan 2024 – Public Consultation (link here)

The Kingston Society has co-signed the Seething Wells Action Group’s response to the consultation which can be found here: Thames Water Resource Plan 2024 – Public Consultation Inputs 17 March 2023

Additionally SWAG writes: “What is important to note in the report is that we make a case that the Teddington Direct River Abstraction (DRA) would fail to meet its own key design assumptions in terms of water quality, and may not actually be required, if other alternative, more appropriate solutions (as detailed in our report) are adopted.
In simple words, we believe the Teddington DRA scheme as proposed by Thames Water is not the fastest, cheapest, safest, or the most reliable option as the WRMP 2024 suggests. Our report outlines ideas on what could be faster, cheaper, safer, more effective options.”

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Last Updated on March 22, 2023 by Kingston Society