Wednesday, 15th March 2023 7:30pm – A FUTURE FOR TOLWORTH – a talk by KS member Bob Phillips

Bob Phillips writes: “Kingston has to expand – nearly 10,000 residences in the draft Local Area Plan. The plan identifies “allocated sites” largely by looking at where building has gone before, so most of it will go into the Kingston Town area. But is there an alternative – could we conceive of a hub where growth could be sustained, and encouraged, elsewhere in the Borough? Speaking as a resident of Tolworth, as someone who loves Tolworth (and as the historian of Tolworth) I would like to recommend an imaginative new approach to my town.”

Missed the talk? Thanks to the author this is available as a narrated  slide show A future for Tolworth (FYI the movie file is stored on or Google drive and takes a few seconds to open, please be patient)

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