What if a brand new swimming pool for Kingston could be free of cost (and debt) for Kingston’s residents?

Kingston Society member and architect Stephen Coates has a challenge for our council. Why hasn’t the Council sought the input of the community to respond to and help rescue the cancellation of the approved proposals to build a new swimming pool?

Here is a video summary of the progress so far and further down the video of Stephen’s presentation

At June’s public meeting Stephen presented his own ideas of the kind of approach the council could adopt in order to deliver not only the leisure centre we all want, but an interim solution that doesn’t involve waiting 5 years for a pool to be built but additional housing and all of this paid for by someone other than us?

Stephen is a practising architect well used to building projects far bigger than anything Kingston has need for and understands at first hand the needs of developers and the financial structure they operate within in order to return profit from their developments.

Whilst we listened, it must be said, with open mouthed astonishment as his convincing ideas and arguments the Society is not endorsing these proposals per se. Rather, and like Stephen too , what we are interested in is the Councils decision making process and why it is not honest, transparent and open to input. Put another way: why are the council failing in their duty to engage with the stakeholders to help resolve the difficult position they found themselves in?

Below is Stephens talk, which at just under 20 minutes is well worth your time.

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Last Updated on July 25, 2023 by Kingston Society