Wilko Building consultation proposes three new storeys and 60 flats by developers BMOR and AON

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Soon to be open for consultation local residents have been leafleted with proposals for developing the Wilko building. The developers BMOR say:

“Our development will rejuvenate the existing building in Clarence Street enhancing its appearance and enlivening Kingston town centre.

The scheme will retain its retail provision at basement and ground floors levels only. The upper floors plus the additional three elegant new storeys above will provide approximately 60 new town centre homes, including affordable homes.

The extension is designed to add to the building’s elegance. On the lower floors the existing window openings will be re-used, but enlarged and upgraded to meet modern building standards. The new 4th and 5th floors will be in brickwork with reconstituted stone. Their windows will be in similar proportions to the floors below. The 4th floor will be in similar brick colour to the existing building creating continuity. The 5th floor will use a light coloured brick to create a distinct ‘top’ feel. The façade of the 6th floor is set back from the edge to create space for roof terraces and a ‘crown’ to the building.

The Old London Road entrance for residents will be an attractive addition to the street. The floor layout has been thoughtfully configured to ensure high quality retail space at basement and ground floor levels, whilst the higher floors will provide healthy, green spaces for residents, respecting the privacy of the building’s neighbours.”

Link to leaflet PDF: Wilko_Clarence_Street_Our_Proposals

Kingston Society has been invited to meet with the developers and we will report back here when we know more. Initial responses are that the number of affordable homes are not specified, the dwellings seems  very small but that the extension generally treats the building well.

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Last Updated on April 20, 2021 by Kingston Society