Outline application for demolition of existing care home and erection of a six storey replacement 60 bed care home

Surbiton residents in Adelaide Road are concerned about proposals to demolish and rebuild an existing care home

The following is from a temporary page on the Kingstononline website:

This is a turnkey planning application which will open the door to multi story development on Adelaide Road. The 2 story homes on the west side of the street are periodically approached by developers keen to build high-rise accommodation. If the roof-line is raised to such a vast extent as proposed by Willow Grange Care Home, it opens the door to the destruction of the street’s character and history, loss of light and green space, huge increase in carbon emissions and many years of building works.

Link to the outline planning application (54 documents): REf: 21/01313/OUT


  1. The detached and semidetached houses on Adelaide Rd often receive offers to buy up their properties for development and have refused all offers to date. Raising the care home’s roof line to the height of the adjacent flats will dwarf these 2 story houses and hasten their demolition in favour of high-rise flats. This would result in many years of building work, blocked light for the surrounding flats, more pollution & carbon emissions, less green space for wildlife, more pressure on water supply, less flood soak-away and less available parking. This turnkey application, if approved, will have a short and long term impact on residential properties on Adelaide Rd, St Mark’s Hill, and the town end of Claremont Road.
  2. The Care Quality Commission Report Publication date 02 Dec 2019 states Willow Grange Nursing Home is ‘’providing nursing and/or personal care to 33 people. though it can accommodate up to 44 people”. (sic) At 33 residents it is already a busy hub in terms of deliveries, ambulances, care vehicles, staff vehicles and visitors. Supporting 27 extra beds (60 proposed) will substantially increase the servicing activity in this residential street. All but one of the existing parking spaces will be lost and replaced with ….bicycle racks x 20 spaces. The staff will increase from 23 to 32 and the number of residents will increase from 33 to 60. Apart from one emergency vehicle bay, there is no provision for parking for staff, visitors, deliveries and tradespeople. This will put further strain on Adelaide Road and St Mark’s Hill in terms of parking, traffic, pollution and noise nuisance.
  3. This is an unimaginative, oppressive, depressing bulk of a building which brings nothing to the ambience and aesthetics of the street and town centre. The architects have ignored trends in environmental and sustainable building.
  4. Boxing in these unfortunate residents with long term health and mental impairment with very little outside space and uninspiring views puts commercial gain over humane care provision.


  1. It will irrevocably change the aesthetic and ambience of this handsome, residential street. This is one of the few remaining original 1840s Pooley Villa Houses and, though not listed, is of historical significance to Surbiton along with other remaining Villas in the street.
  2. Replacing the visually accordant Villa building with a 6 story block will make the remaining detached and semi-detached homes look incongruous with their surroundings.
  3. This imposing, uninspiring building will be the highest building on the west side of Adelaide Rd. It appears to be as high as the opposite red brick 1920s flats opposite and will impact negatively on all surrounding buildings.
  4. It will be flanked by a low-rise wood yard and a 2 story semi-detached property. The disparity in heights is disproportionate and ridiculous.
  5. All properties on Adelaide Road are a similar distance from the pavement. The proposed development appears to breech that line.
  6. The proposed development is the only commercial entity on Adelaide Road other than the one story timber yard and should blend in rather than dominate.


  1. The demolition, substantial excavation and building process which is intended to last minimum 16 months, will have a huge impact on residents in terms of ground disturbance, carbon emissions, noise, pollution, traffic and parking.
  2. It diminishes green space in an already heavily-built up and paved area. There is a shameful amount of green space available for the care home residents in this proposal.
  3. The submission proposes installing 0.04 megawatts solar panels. This is the equivalent of 40 Kilowatts which would equal 16 solar panels requiring 25sq meters of surface area. The panels aren’t included in the drawings so either a) this is token environmental gesture (NB ‘zero pumps’ are specified in the submission which also indicates a lack of commitment to solar energy) or b) the height of the building will increase even further to accommodate the angled panels.
  4. There is no meaningful water recycling proposed. No green roof or green walls.

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