The Worcester Park Tavern Park Terrace Worcester Park KT4 7JZ

Erection of five/six storey building for 132 bedroom hotel with meeting room, bar/restaurant and ground floor external terrace, car park and landscaping, together with the reconfiguration of Park Terrace

The Applicant’s brief calls for the construction of a high quality, select service, hotel targeted towards price- conscious business and leisure travellers. The site is considered particularly appropriate for this use due to its proximity to Worcester Park Station, which offers frequent direct train connections to Waterloo and Central London beyond. To the south, the line carries on to Epsom, Leatherhead and Dorking.

The site also has relatively easy access to the A3, the A24, the A217 and M25 beyond. Both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports are a 35 minute drive away.

The new hotel will need to be prominently located and will be required to include:

• 130+ rooms including some larger family rooms and access rooms for the disabled.

• Front of house areas including flexible lounge, bar and restaurant, available for public (non-guest) use.

• Meeting room

• Suitable provision for car parking• Coach set down/pick up facilities

Design and architecture

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Our view

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